Career Development

As a graduate with a bachelor?s or master?s degree, we know you?ve got the?passion and intellect to get to grips with the work?albeit with support and guidance if you feel you need it.

From your very first day, you?ll be given plenty of responsibility, working on real projects and meeting clients. You?ll be out and about on inspections, researching the market and presenting arguments.

At the same time, you?ll be studying for your APC. We work hard to get you through your APC as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our graduates have an outstanding track record ? partly down to their own intellect and application, and partly because they can access one of the most thorough training programmes in the sector.

In addition to this, we’ll help you build up your competencies. The formal training is both theoretical and practical, and will help you consolidate your knowledge. You?ll become a member of the Continuing Professional Development Foundation and be invited to events throughout the country.